Why you Should Showcase Unique Amenities in your Airbnb
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Why you Should Showcase Unique Amenities in your Airbnb

Showcasing unique amenities in your listing is a great way to get more bookings and to stand out from the competition. But how do you know what amenities to showcase? In order to figure this our you must look at similar listings in your area.

Look at the competition

As a proactive host, you should always be up to date on what your competition is doing. Look through photos and descriptions to see what attracts you. Once you’ve looked at 10-15 listings thoroughly, you’ll probably start to notice they all have the same amenities and say their listing is the best. Remember to think like a traveler as you do this research!

Get inspired

If you know right away what your unique selling proposition is (unique amenity), showcase it on your listing. If you need some inspiration, look at listings at a higher price point or listings in a different city. I like looking at listings in major cities like San Francisco or New York because hosts there have to be much more creative in order to remain competitive.

Highlight YOUR unique feature

After doing your research you’ll surely have some good ideas on what to highlight in your listing to make it stand out. Once you’ve decided what amenities to feature, take good pictures

and write a description that describes the experience. When writing a description, don’t just regurgitate what the photo already shows, describe the experience your guests will have when using your amenity.

For example, if you notice that the competition mainly has queen size beds, but you have a king size bed, use this as a selling proposition in your photos and description. Describe the experience your guests will have by saying something like: “Have the best sleep of your life in this comfortable and spacious king size bed.” You can also give instructions not visible on the photo such as bed height, firmness of the mattress, etc.

Another example could be a pool. If your listing is the only one in the area that has a pool, this is a huge selling point in your listing. Describe the experience your guests will have when using the pool by saying something like: “Stay cool and refreshed on a hot summer day. Create wonderful memories for the whole family while swimming and splashing the day away.”

Remember, amenities don’t always have to be “big” things, you can highlight small things like a local coffee brand you offer or intangible things like an early check-in or late check-out.

Real life example of a missed opportunity

A few months ago I stayed at a luxury listing in Querétaro City, Mexico and it was in a great location. It was right next to a huge shopping center in an urban setting; It was right next to many restaurants and stores.

The host did a good job showcasing most of the amenities he offered like the washer and dryer, dishwasher, 2 bathrooms, proximity to the shopping center, pool, the terrace, and the view from the building.

Why you Should Showcase Unique Amenities in your AirbnbHowever, one of the things he didn’t showcase (which can make a difference of thousands of dollars in a year for him), was the water filtration and dispenser system he had. He probably didn’t think too much about it because he wasn’t thinking like a traveler when he was marketing his listing on Airbnb.

For someone who traveled through Mexico for months with a toddler, having a water filtration system available in the house was a huge deal. This meant that we didn’t have to buy and carry jugs of water everywhere we went. This saved us money and it was super convenient.

Jose’s water system filtered water from a 5-gallon jug so the water was cold as it filled the cup. Of the many listings I’ve stayed at in Mexico, this was the only one that had a machine like this. His listing is considered a luxury listing in Mexico and guests staying in a luxury listing shouldn’t need to buy water bottles. This device was a huge plus and a pleasant surprise that made drinking clean water so much more convenient and enjoyable.

The takeaway

The bottom line is this: you have to look at what your competition is doing and find the gaps. Figure out what other listings are missing and exploit that gap. In Jose’s case, it was the water filtration system.

Since our stay, Jose watched my video about how to showcase amenities in an Airbnb and since then he has updated his listing to let guests know they can enjoy ice cold water the moment they check-in.

Why you Should Showcase Unique Amenities in your Airbnb

Remember, your guests will be clicking on the same competitive listings you did when you were doing your search. They’re on Airbnb because they’re looking for something different so give them the amenities they want and you’ll win their business.

Tell me: what do you have in your listing that your competition doesn’t? Post it in the comments below or email me to It could be the thing that gets you that extra reservation each month!

Happy hosting,

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