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Welcome to The Airbnb Course Blog!

First of all, welcome and thank you for checking out this blog. I’d like to start out by introducing myself and sharing some of the reasons why I created The Airbnb Course and this blog.  

My name is Nathan Rice and I’ve been hosting on Airbnb since 2015. After being laid off from my job I decided to try this thing called Airbnb. I started hosting with 1 private room in my home and I quickly learned that there was a lot of potential for extra income…. So I decided to open up a second private room listing in our home. My wife Julie and I had the pleasure of hosting many great guests from all over the world, some of whom we’re still in touch with. Not only were we able to meet lots of amazing people, we were also able to put the money to good use.

As a host, I focused a great deal on the experience my guests were having and studied all aspects of hospitality. I interviewed many guests and hosts to find out exactly what guests want and expect in an Airbnb. I gathered a lot of great insights (which I found to be extremely interesting) and soon realized that I had a great passion for the hospitality and the guest experience… To say the least, I was inspired and set forth to extend my hosting efforts outside of my personal home.  

My first vacation rental (my first listing outside of my home) was setup in an investment property that has become our most profitable listing yet. A few months after I opened this first “entire home” listing, I quit my 9-5 job. I now run multiple listings outside my home remotely and focus on helping other Airbnb hosts improve the guest experience in their listings. I created a replicable process for opening and acquiring properties without having to own or invest in real estate. I repeated this process for every property I opened. As I went through my hosting endeavors many people would ask me… “How do you do it? How the heck are you opening up Airbnb listings without owning the property? How are you able to earn so much extra cash!?”  This question, in combination with negative experiences I’ve had as an Airbnb guest, catapulted the creation of The Airbnb Course. I knew I had to do something. I knew people were interested in learning how to earn extra income and I definitely knew that hosts out there desperately needed to improve the guest experience.

Hence The Airbnb Course. The Airbnb Course is comprised of two main courses, one for people interested in hosting with private rooms in their home and the other is for hosts who want to host with multiple properties outside of their home.  Both courses hold you by the hand and show you step-by-step what you need to do to be successful as a host on Airbnb. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from both courses and I’m very thankful to see that hosts out there want to improve the experiences they provide their guests.

So what can you expect from this blog and who is it for? This blog is for existing Airbnb hosts and aspiring Airbnb hosts out there that want valuable content to guide their hosting journey. I’ll be sharing advice on topics like opening new listings, setting up a listing, overcoming common challenges, tips and tricks to increase revenue, ways to reduce operating expenses, ways to maximize profit, time saving tips and ways to reach financial freedom with Airbnb.

I’ll be sharing some of my personal hosting challenges and how I overcome them (whether I succeed or fail).  My goal is to share my knowledge and expertise with you. I’m very passionate about the guest experience, specifically creating an excellent experience for all guests out there. It’s my hope that what I teach you improves the experience for your guests as well!

Thanks again for checking out my blog, I look forward to hearing your feedback! Let me know what topics you’re interested in learning about… just comment below to let me know.

Happy hosting,

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