How to Be the Best Airbnb Host
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How to Be the Best Airbnb Host

If you’ve been hosting on Airbnb for a while or If you’re thinking of becoming an Airbnb host, you might be wondering: How can I get started on the right foot to become the best Airbnb host? The answer is to be an Airbnb guest yourself.

This might seem like a no-brainer, especially if you’ve already been an Airbnb guest. However, once you decide to become a host, you will have a different lens as a guest. The saying “put yourself in my shoes” is right on the money when it comes to hosting. You must think like a guest in order to serve your guests.

For the first-time guest

If you haven’t been an Airbnb guest, you might be surprised at the extra amenities, or lack thereof (sometimes), compared to hotels. Staying at an Airbnb is a very different experience than staying at a hotel.

Be prepared because you’re not going to have things like front desk personnel around the clock, a bell boy, or a mini-bar (although you might luck out and get a place that has these amenities). Remember, you’re going to be staying in someone’s home… The experience will be more personal and less commercial.

As you go through the different motions of being a guest, there are several things you need to pay attention to.

Pay Attention to How You Search on Airbnb

Something that many hosts don’t consider is how their listing appears on searches. When previewing your listing everything might look great but not so great in the search results. This is why you need to pay attention to how you search on the Airbnb platform. Remember, we’re putting ourselves in our guests’ shoes.

When you find listings that you like, take a pause every few moments to consider how you came to select these listings. You probably thought their photos were super attractive, maybe their headline grabbed your attention, or the place was in a great location. It’s a good idea to write down your thoughts and feelings while you’re searching so you can reference them later.

Once you’ve selected a place

Once you’ve selected a place you like, book it! Take note of all of your experiences, starting with the first interaction you have with the host and the communication. Keep in mind the top five things guests look for when booking an Airbnb.

Pay attention to the conversations you have with your host. Did you have to ask the host about the check-in process or did they proactively tell you? Did they answer all of your questions? Did they answer in a timely manner? Did they strike you as people who were making a serious effort to be the best Airbnb host possible? Being the best Airbnb host means being responsive to your guests and making sure their questions and concerns are addressed well before they arrive.

During your stay

Check-in process

Once you’ve checked in, you’ll want to pay attention to several things during your stay. One of the most important being the check-in process. Ask yourself, what was the check-in process like? Was this an easy or stressful experience? If you have the pleasure of meeting your host, take note of the in-person interaction and how they make you feel.

Listing accuracy

Upon arrival to the Airbnb, was there anything that you felt wasn’t accurately described in the listing? Were their photos accurate representations of the listings? What was the neighborhood like? Did you feel safe?


Ask yourself the following questions: What amenities did they offer that blew you away? What amenities do you wish they offered? What amenities did they offer that you would like to offer your guests? Did you think the amenities were adequate for the price you paid?

Ask questions

Be respectful of the host’s home while you’re there. If you get a chance to talk to them, be curious and ask them about their hosting experiences. If you want, let them know you are a host or are interested in becoming one. You will be surprised how much good information you can get from a short conversation. There is a lot of golden information you can learn from other hosts on your path to becoming the best Airbnb host.

Once You’ve Checked Out

Once you’ve checked out, Airbnb will give both an opportunity to review each other. Be sure to leave an honest review. If you loved the place say so; if expectations fell short say so. If you didn’t have a great stay, don’t just complain and give them a negative review. Give them constructive criticism and suggest ways to improve their listing. It’s very important that guests and hosts alike leave honest reviews of their experience.

Take Notes and Use Them to Improve Your Listing

If you’re already a host, take your notes and use these to improve your listing in order to become the best Airbnb host possible. If you’re thinking of becoming a host, your notes are a good reference point to get started.

Being an Airbnb guest will give you a much better perspective on how to set up your own listing… It will also make you empathetic toward your guests because you know exactly what they’re going through and how they feel. You’ll be able to put yourself in their shoes and give them the best experience possible.

Be empathetic

The biggest benefit you will get from being a guest is being empathetic toward your guests. By putting yourself in their shoes you will experience things from their perspective.

Something a lot of Airbnb hosts don’t consider is the guest experience and the experience your guests have while in your place is paramount to good reviews. And good reviews are paramount to your bottom line.

Here’s to empathy,

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