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Nathan Rice
The Airbnb Course

A proven step-by-step system to open and automate your private Airbnb room listing

Plus, tips-and-tricks for maximizing profit in the least amount of time

What is The Airbnb Course for home sharing?

The Airbnb Course is a proven and complete step-by-step system designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the necessary steps to open and automate your private Airbnb room listing. Become a successful Airbnb host and uncover the secrets to mastering Airbnb. No ambiguity or confusion. It tells you exactly what to do, it’s the blueprint to success.

9 module step-by-step digital course

Walks you through the necessary steps you need to open, automate, and maximize profits from your Airbnb listing.

  • Lifetime access and login 24/7
  • It’s all digital and downloadable.
  • Literally step-by-step. Nothing is left out.

What’s included in The Airbnb Course?

With The Airbnb Course you will get instant access to:

  • 9 high-value, step-by-step modules
  • 4 Bonus items including the complete messaging templates I use to communicate with guests before, during, and after their reservation. You’ll be getting the templates that have generated me over $25,000 in sales in my private room listings alone!
  • Plus, for a limited time students who enroll will get our VIP Bonus which includes (2) 30 minute 1-on-1 personal coaching calls.

As soon as you enroll, you will get immediate access (via username and password) to all modules and bonuses included in The Airbnb Course.

  • As soon as you enroll, you will get immediate access (via username and password) to all modules and bonuses included in The Airbnb Course.
  • Content is available in video (.mov), slides (.pdf), and Audiobook format (M4B)
  • You can view the content on your iphone, your ipad, your android, or your computer
  • 30-day 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked

Who is The Airbnb Course for?

Specifically designed for people who want to host in their home.
It’s for those of you that are sick of trading hours for dollars and want some more leverage and control.

  • It’s for people starting out brand new, with zero Airbnb hosting experience.
  • It’s for existing Airbnb hosts that are frustrated that their listing isn’t making much money .
  • It’s for existing Airbnb hosts that are doing “ok” and want to be able to provide a better guest experience.
  • It’s for hosts who want to significantly reduce the amount of time they spend hosting on Airbnb.
  • It’s for people who host only part time during big events and want to do it more often.
  • It’s for those of you that travel for work a lot and want to be able to offset some of the mortgage or rent costs.
  • It’s for empty nesters with spare rooms in their house that would like to add to their retirement savings.
  • Perhaps you know someone hosting successfully on Airbnb and you’re interested in learning more.
  • Or maybe you’ve been an Airbnb guest that had a great experience and would like to return the favor to other travelers.
  • Module 1: What will set you apart from other hosts? Hospitality & Guest Experience

    Module 1 is all about setting yourself apart from other hosts by providing the best guest experience for your guests. It teaches you hospitality and how to use empathy to better understand your guests.

  • Module 2: Do your Research on Forecasting Profit, Guest Avatars, City Laws & Restrictions

    This is about doing your research. It walks you through 4 methods you can use to figure out how much you can make on Airbnb (a.k.a, forecasting profit or running comps). I’m also going to teach you how to attract the perfect guests so your listing continues to be successful long after you open it up.

  • Module 3: Taxes & Insurance: Staying organized and protected to make the most of your money

    This module is about taxes and insurance. I’ll show you how to stay organized throughout the year and how to make sure you don’t pay more on taxes than you have to. Also, I’ll tell you what options you have available to keep you protected with the right insurance.

  • Module 4: Property setup: Preparing your home and Airbnb space for guests

    This is all about property setup… Preparing your home and Airbnb space for guests. We’ll go over cleaning, repairs and de-cluttering your space… We’ll talk about door locks, safety, furniture, decor, I’ll even go over every item you need for every room, including the kitchen and laundry room. We’ll talk about photographing and preparing your space to take the best possible photos so your listing shines.

  • Module 5: Listing Setup: Setting up your listing & profile correctly the first time on Airbnb.com

    Here I’ll go over the most important features of the site and I’ll hold your hand and show you step by step how to create your account and tell you about all of the important settings you need to know about, so you don’t lose $6,700 like I did. I’ll give you tips on writing descriptions, captions and posting the right photos. I’ll teach you the secrets to positioning your listing so it stands out from the pack.

  • Module 6: Communicating with guests: Before, during & after their reservation

    This module has everything you need to know about communicating with your guests before, during, and after their reservation. I’ll go over my step-by-step messaging sequences to easily convert inquiries into confirmed reservations and to get you the most positive reviews from your guests. I’ll also teach you how to deal with guest cancellations so you make sure to keep more money in your pocket.

  • Module 7: Ongoing listing maintenance: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly)

    This module all about keeping the train rolling down the tracks with ongoing listing maintenance: I’ll share with you my daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly processes to make sure your guests have everything they need and to keep your listing running smoothly.

  • Module 8: Automation

    This is all about automating your new listing. Everything from automating your cleanings to automating your nightly pricing. I’ll give you my exact process for hiring help and the exact questions you need to ask prospective handymen and maids, including the questions you need to ask their references.

  • Module 9: Opportunities to Increase Revenue and Best Practices

    We‘ll go over opportunities to increase revenue and the best practices you should follow while running this business. I’ll teach you all my secret methods for adding on sales to your existing reservations, up-selling, and ways to fill your calendar to the brim with happy guests. I’ll also teach you some super useful methods for making your role as host easier and easier as time goes on.

  • BONUS: Complete Messaging Template System

    The most valuable bonus you will be getting is my complete messaging template system. You’ll get the exact messaging, word for word, that I use to run my business. You can swipe these templates, mess with them, learn from them, do whatever you want with them! They’re all yours as a bonus. This includes:

  • BONUS: Beautifully designed, editable Templates

    All templates are professionally designed so your guests will see professional, polished materials (a $250 value)!

  • BONUS: Technology Guide for hosts

    This is a combination of video tutorials and cheat-sheets of the top recommended tools I use to run my Airbnb business.

  • BONUS: The Airbnb Course in Audiobook format

    You will get M4B filetype ready for you to upload into your mobile device so you can listen anytime, anywhere. You’ll be able to pause and pick up right where you left off.

  • Limited VIP Bonus

    Students who sign up for The Airbnb Course will get TWO 30 minute 1-on-1 coaching calls with me to discuss anything related to their Airbnb listing(s). You can ask me about setting up your property, about communicating with guests, or ways you can increase your revenue. Anything you might need help with along the way! You lead the conversation and I’ll provide advice and valuable insights to help you move forward with your business.