Get Paid for your Pad Episode 227 with Nathan Rice
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Get Paid for Your Pad: Airbnb Tips from an Austin Superhost

Podcast: Get Paid for Your Pad, Episode 227 with Nathan Rice

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jasper Ribbers, the host of Get Paid for Your Pad, the most well-known Airbnb hosting podcast.

In the podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to optimize your guest experience
  • How to create a detailed digital House Manual
  • How to show your guests you’re approachable before they even arrive
  • How to save time with your hosting duties
  • How to leverage your photo gallery
  • How to use your strengths when it comes to your listing description
  • How to help your guests feel more comfortable while they’re in your home
  • How to borrow ideas from other industries to up your hospitality game

In the podcast, I offer my advice on optimizing the guest experience. I explain how to create a detailed digital house manual that makes you more approachable AND saves time. I share insight on leveraging your photo gallery to communicate with potential guests and how to play up your strengths in the listing description. Listen in for my tips around making your guests more comfortable when they are sharing space and borrowing from other industries to up your hospitality game!

I hope you enjoy,

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PS: You can also read a synopsis of the podcast and listen to the original podcast on the Get Paid for Your Pad web page. If you enjoyed this post you will also like Why you want Superhost Status on Airbnb, How to Get It and How to Keep It

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